16 Haziran 2011

Parenting Responsively for Connection - Blog Tour Day 10

Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on Day 10 of the Virtual Book Tour for the E-Book Parenting Responsively for Connection, Written by ACPI Parenting Coaches for parents to deal with the most difficult task of maintaining connection with the growing child whose behavior changes and shifts.

Yesterday, the book tour stopped
http://www.intentionalconsciousparenting.com with Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten. Visit now if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet all the authors.

Meantime enjoy this book excerpt written by Malini Mandal

Malini Mandal

ACPI Certified Parenting Coach

Email: otmandal@yahoo.ca

Malini is an ACPI Certified Parenting Coach who specializes in working with parents of young children and coaching families of children with autism.

A mother to a 3-year-old son, Malini recently gave birth to her daughter. In addition to spending most of her time joyfully raising her little boy, she also operates a private occupational therapy practice and has been serving the needs of children and families for the past 11 years.

Malini became interested in the field of parent coaching after becoming a parent and upon seeing the struggles many families face with their children. Out of her experiences emerged a strong desire to help bring more joy and harmony into the lives of others.

Malini is passionate about her work with children with autism and is excited about combining her training as a parent coach into her occupational therapy work with families. She is also passionate about helping parents discover ways to experience more ease and fun on their parenting journey.

Malini is also a children’s yoga instructor and teaches music to children. She is enthusiastic about enhancing the life of every child and family she encounters.

Ideas for Achieving Connection with Your Child

Carve time out of your day for one-on-one connection time with your child. Decide when would be the best times to spend quality time with your child and sprinkle as many opportunities to do so into your day as possible. Remember that connection time needs to be a time when you are free from other distractions and responsibilities. If you are a busy parent with many responsibilities outside of the home, you may want to explicitly schedule connection time with your child on your daily calendar to help you make it a priority. Although the more connection time you have with your child the better, quality matters more than quantity. Your child would rather have you be wholly present and engaged for 15 minutes then to be distant and distracted for an hour. For some parents, this may mean giving their child a nightly bath, reading a short story or taking an after-dinner walk, hand in hand together.

Spend time holding and cuddling your child. You can do this while reading a book, listening and dancing to music or in-between playful bouts of roughhousing. The key is to express love your child often.

Make a point to regularly tell your child how much you love and appreciate him. With an older child you can share what you appreciate about each other. Looking for and pondering, considering and expressing the positive aspects about another is a powerful exercise that transforms relationships. You will be sure to enjoy the feeling of connection that results as you shower each other with loving appreciation.

Observe your child’s interests and join him in play. Your child loves it when you are playful, fun and free. Follow his lead, letting him guide the activity. Be an active participant and focus more on the journey then the destination. Remember, the goal is to experience joy together. As a golden rule, where you have joy, you have connection.

Talk with your child often. Even more importantly, listen when he is speaking to you in the way that you would want to be listened to. Talk with an older child about his thoughts, passions and interests. Build emotional closeness by taking the time to get to know his inner world.

Through listening actively and deeply, play, loving touch and affection, respectful communication, honoring and showing your appreciation for who he is, you will strengthen the connection you have with your child. Remember, while there is not a specific recipe for connection, there are essential ingredients or principles of connection. Understanding these principles help us to achieve a more loving connection with our child.

Connection with your child promotes his overall happiness and well-being. Of course, those are reasons enough to want to make the effort to connect, but are there any other benefits to connecting with your child? The answer is a resounding YES. Let’s explore these hidden benefits now.

Be sure to follow the Virtual Book Tour tomorrow when the next stop is the blog day 11 at http://www.northtexaskids.com/blog with Minette Riordan. Please share your comments and thoughts below. I love reading your feedback. We appreciate the re-tweets and sharing on FB to spread the word.

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what a wonderful article, Ilkiz. Thanks for posting this. I am so very excited to see your parent coaching practice blossom and grow as you bring your heart in service to others.

This article truly connects with me and my childhood. My parents invested much time with me and I see the wonderful benefits it has in who I am today as an adult.

I have great memories of playing games at the table with parents and siblings together. Hiking and fishing with my father and grandfather created a bond that is so special to me.

I find myself naturally following their lead with each of my kids and creating that connection to build a strong relationship. Because of that strong bond there's security when we experience the great times and the challenging times.

Caron, I am always very grateful to you that you always supported me to have my dreams come true.
I think the book is fantastic and it will be very helpful and practicable for us.

Thank you for sharing your personal story and for your lovely comments

Yorum Gönder

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