16 Haziran 2011

From the Kids in the Ecotopia

Greetings from Ecotopia [1] to our friends abroad. We are the first generation born in Ecotopia. The oldest one is just over 20, more of us are still going to elementary school, some of us are even too young to start talking. We are celebrating our national day which is for you the “Earth Day” and we wanted to give you a present to remember.

As the Ecotopian Kids, we wanted to send you a big gift; but we live far away from you and It would take an aircraft to deliver that gift to you. We know that the jet fuel that the aircraft would use is harmfull to the environment; because they create greenhouse gases which are scientifically proven to be the main cause of the climate change and the global warming. We had to choose another way because none of us want to do something harmfull to the environment, so here’s how we did it.

We worked on ways to send you you clean water, fresh air, and clean energy. We hope that once the air you breathe is as fresh as ours, once the water you drink is as clean and plenty as ours, and once the energy you use is as renewable as ours we’ll all be happy together.

We were preserving a lot of water all this time. For example we don’t fill up the sink or bathe for hours anymore. Although it’d still be fun to play in the water, we don’t want to use so much water, almost enough to have short showers every day for a week. We are not that selfish anymore. This is not the only thing we do to save water, we also preserve water while brushing our teeth or washing our faces in the morning. We have a small glass to use after washing our teeth so the water doesnt run off and we have a small bowl to use to wash our faces to rise and shine to the day. We do all these and more so that you’ll have the safe and plently of water to use.

This is not the only thing we do, we also work to clean the air as well. We no longer use coal to heat out apartments. We still drive a car but its electrical now and dont run with gas. We all got bikes for the whole family and we use it in short distances to go to shopping for example. We changed the regulations for most of the factories and houses such that they’ll have gas filters to trap greenhouse gases and never release it back to the air. It took us some time to make all these changes but the reward would be cleaner air for you.

The biggest changes however came from the way we create energy. We didn’t knew they were “small red wampires” in our houses that used as much energy as they were “on” while they were turned “off”. We plugged in a combined extension to the tv, stereo, dvd player and all electronic appliances so that we don’t turn them off from the remote but from a combined source. This is how we got rid of the wampires.

On top of that we are producing our own electricity. We know the summer lasts long in your country as well, so you can do the same. We had installed small solar panels at our roofs, so when you look at from above it’s like you see a green battery. When there’s less sun, we had also small wind turbines that’s how we sustain ourselves in our lives.

These are all our gifts to you friends, clean energy, clean air, clean water. Hope you like them. We are not smarter or richer than you are, you can do all even more than we had donei fyou want. All you need is to think then act on what you think then tell on what you act on. Tell your friends, your family, your friends and move them.

You deserve to live with clean energy, clean air, clean water, and for that you dont need to live in the Ecotopia. You can make anywhere Ecotopia when you want. Here’s a movie to you as well, that you can learn more from and see what has and will become of the place you live in: “Home” http://bit.ly/T5nnI

Have a “clean” World Environment Day friend.


Boğaziçi University MS Studies in Environmental Social Sciences

Sustainability and Environmental Advocate | Consultant and a member to the EcoPlatform

[1] Name and Hypothetical Place of the Ernest Callenbach Novel http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecotopia

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